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Yeah we like Redbull, what’s your point?
January 31, 2009, 4:21 pm
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Yeah, we like Redbull !


2009 started off with a BANG!! – I mean that literally!
January 1, 2009, 3:46 pm
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 Everyone is fine – but the neighbours’ (about 10 houses or so east of us) Ted Shed is GONE though.

Not exactly sure how it started, I would assume a firework ember or something must have set it off (the owner and his wife [and *6* dogs!] were actually already asleep)
Unfortunately (for them) the shed had a BUNCH of imflammable stuff in it though (oxygen cannister, gas, etc) so there was at least 3 BIG explosions!!! – The flames were SO high !!!

Everyone BUT me on that golf cart are firefighters!! – We called it in to 911 and the nearest Firestation is only 1.5 miles away …. and then of course the 3 of them jumped in and helped the arriving firefighters setting up the hoses and hydrant etc … didn’t have my camera with me darn it, but did take a photo from down the street of all the lights and firetrucks once it was over (well the shed was out – well GONE actually!)

Thankfully the corner of their house that was next to the shed didn’t catch on fire.

Hubby and I and a couple of our neighbours/friends were driving around on their golf cart at midnight, honking and watching fireworks and stuff .

We’re back – wading through emails! check out this video
December 27, 2008, 8:52 pm
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…. not only because it’s an amazing song (“How Many Kings” by Downhere (downhere.com) but because Melanie and I are IN it !!!

It was put together by Downhere fans !!!


more on the cruise (and pics later – maybe much later!!)


CRUD – Fender Bender
December 17, 2008, 11:02 pm
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After I JUST sorted out some insurance/doctor’s office mess (after a week of being on the phone with UMPTEEM people) and I was feeling relieved, huge weight off my shoulders and then this happens – totally a ‘bad timing’ thing

I’m fine, I was only backing up at about 2 mph! I can’t believe my bumper got scrunched so much, her car has a tiny dent & paint scrape on her passenger side back door.

The other woman & I both backed out of our parking spots at the exact same time …. unfortunately (for me) her spot was 1/2 a spot further back than mine, so I hit her (as … Read Moreopposed to our bumpers hitting if we were exactly opposite each other or her hitting ME if I had been the one in the furthest back spot) ….. BUT she was not completely honest with the cop & so the police report has me at fault.

The female cop didn’t either understand, care or want to hear that there was no humanly possible way for us to hit bumper to bumper (which she said would have meant no fault etc) with our positioning – see below

then a diagram of the impact

Not sure if my insurance company will fight hers or not, either way my insurance will prob go up 😦

Beautiful Christmas Concert – Tajci
December 6, 2008, 11:11 pm
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I went to a concert last night with my friend Tecie to see this amazing Croatian singer Tatjana Matejas-Cameron – Her croatian name is Tajci (TY-chee)and her story can be read at idobelieve.com

She was basically the ‘Britney Spears’ of Croatia … then realized there was more to life than that – read her story here

The video quality isn’t great, but hopefully the audio will be good enough to showcase what a beautiful singer she is, she basically did the story of Jesus’ life through the progression of songs she sang (did not video all of them) …

Then at the end all 3 of her boys came up on stage and sang stuff too – adorable! I really enjoyed it.

You can watch them small below by clicking on the play button in the middle of the image, or if you want to see it larger, click on the title below the video and it will take you to YouTube to see them in a new window

Breath of Heaven What Child is This Silent Night
Home for Christmas Wonderful World SC is Coming to Town
Reindeer Reindeer! Jingle Bells I Do Believe

Apologies for the long absence of new material!
December 2, 2008, 4:38 pm
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This will be a mishmash of bullet point, pics and videos I think …

Where were we before … Oh yes, this year the infamous Bertelson Bulletin 2008 Christmas edition, along with annual family photo will NOT be reaching you before Christmas!!

Fear not though, it WILL be reaching you (especially anyone who sends US a newsletter and or family photo – hint hint – I love getting them, but not just a card with no news or photo, I always feel that such a waste of a stamp these days!!) ….

…it will reach you sometime in the New Year – sort of a welcome to 2009 nugget/suprise for you once you’re back in the doldrums because the holiday season is all over and the bills that made it happen are starting to roll in!!!

The reason behind this is because we (all 6 of us) are going on a Christmas Cruise (east carribean) with my MIL Joanie, and SHE’S footing the whole bill – yeah baby!! We leave on Dec 20th and return Dec 28th ….

We will be taking our family photo sometime while on this cruise, the exact location and or background to the photo will remain a secret to further build your anticipation… although as the children get older, they are less receptive to my crazy wacky ideas of how to do the photo!

Sadly, and I know some of you are SO sad at this (snort) Twix and Twizzler will not be featured in the family photo since they cannot come on the cruise with us.

Matt – recent photo – was going surfing (the water is chilly, well for us Floridians it is!)

My Son & I

Was taking a bunch of photos of Matt (to showcase his almost 70 lbs lost in the last 8 months)

What amused me about this photo, so I zoomed in was the girls chores pasted on the door behind him!!! His head is blocking Maddie’s (12) list, don’t worry she doesn’t get out of chores! Mel is 17, Kenzie is 11

The Chores are always there!


What else ? – Done 50% of the shopping, we will be doing our Christmas on Dec 19th before we get on the cruise, so sense lugging all those presents onto the ship (well maybe not ALL those, but the few there will be, trying to not go overboard this year)

Oh here’s a Hairy Happy Greeting from Twix!!

Happy Holiday - BIG grin

She’s The POSTER child, well I mean dog for ‘A Norwich Terrier that needs stripping” – LOL

Her hair is SO long and shaggy, I stripped (grooming term – google it!!) Twizzler recently (3 hr job!) but neither hubby or I have gotten around to doing Twix completely – you can’t see it but her rear end is done, so she looks even weirder from the side.

She is SO cute – we love her

The Media love my MIL Joanie :)
November 14, 2008, 12:11 am
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OK so today Joanie was interviewed AGAIN (see below for prior segment that has already aired) by ABC News (Miami WPLG station) for a story on cancer/prosthetics. 

Neither Melanie nor Kenzie wanted to be filmed in their school uniform (we went to MIL’s house right after I picked them up from school) but I was in some of the filming, but will probably end up on the cutting room floor!!

Below is the prior story that aired (on Nov 6th 2008) – the dog in the clip is OUR Twizzler !!!

First you will see an image I created showing the start and stop frame of the segments of Joanie. Just pull the thingy-ma-jig over to where it is on the image to get to where you need to (unless of course you want to hear the news for that day first – about 13 mins!!

The segment is about Joanie, her doctor and artist/sculpturer Puchi Noriega, (who uses her full fancy name in the clip!!)

I designed both Puchi’s art/sculpture web site (puchinoriega.com) and her prosthetics web site (prostheticartspecialist.com)

So now you can click HERE to open up the actual video in a new window (from the actual site) and match up the start button on that one to the image above