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Bertelson Annual Photo 2010 edition
December 21, 2010, 2:37 pm
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To all my wonderful online friends and readers …

Just to cover those of you that are not on FB (or my FB friend yet)
… here is our Bertelson Annual Photo 2010 edition 🙂

If you are my FB friend, you can see the photo (and comment 🙂 HERE

Everyone can see it here (and larger)
All 205 photos were taken by Maddie’s (White #6) friend Reid Garnett – he has been her friend since they

were 3 years old in pre-school. Very talented phtotographer … his flickr stream is HERE

After picking the finalist/winner photo I created a stop-motion video all 205 photos in sequence, with some

awesome, very appropriate music underneath …. that you can see (and comment 😉 here

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas/Holiday – full of smiles, laughter, relaxation, suprises (good ones!)

…. and here’s to an awesome rockin’ 2011


Yeah we like Redbull, what’s your point?
January 31, 2009, 4:21 pm
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Yeah, we like Redbull !

Why does it take a serious accident to make us do something we should have done a LONG time ago??
October 25, 2008, 5:01 pm
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We’ve lived at our house for almost 13 years now – BEFORE we moved in, my hubby and I watched the previous owner slip and bite the dust on this walkway (that they put in!!) – we should have removed it then … instead we put sandpaper like strips on down the center of it for grippage… but it’s still a deathtrap when it gets wet/it rains.

OK, so daughter Maddie sliced her foot open Thursday night (on the deathtrap, wet, front walkway) – she slipped on the wet tile and the edge/side of the tile filleted open the bottom of her foot – OUCH

For once Paramedic hubby was NOT on duty, so he cleaned it with peroxide and then used medical super-glue (dura-bond) to close up the gash (NOTE this is NOT the same as over-the-counter super-glue!!!)

Friday it looked bad and so I took her to the ER (Nils on duty so met us there – and yes we got star treatment!!)

Turns out she SHOULD have brought her to the ER the night it happened (within 6 hrs of accident) cos NOW they have to make sure it does not get infected before they stitch it up…

So they numbed up her foot (8 shots – OUCH!) and then SCRUBBED the living bee-jeez-ers out of the cut (opening it back up) to super clean it. Gave her an IV anti-biotic … RX for more anti-biotics and pain meds. We have to return on Sunday to check progress to see if it can be stitched.

OK so all THAT to say – TODAY when hubby got home from Firestation, he went to town to REMOVE the tile, no more deathtrap

Wanna see the gruesome foot pics?? – you can see them here …

Nils is famous! – last night’s news
July 11, 2008, 7:41 pm
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NEWS video and article are 


Father’s Day – 3 sisters
June 19, 2008, 10:08 pm
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We (minus Matt 😦 all went to the Golf driving range on Father’s day so Dad could give his 3 girls lessons in how to play golf (first time for all 3)

Lessons from Dad

we had fun, lots of laugher and smiles 🙂

Dad's Daughters

Happy Smores Valentine’s Day :)
February 13, 2008, 9:48 pm
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My MIL’s dog Snow is living here chez Bertelson for a week, attending the much adored “Club Doggie Med” while my MIL is up in NC at the cabin. (Snow is supposed to be full Maltese, but she’s huge, looks more like a Coton de Tulear or Bichon to me – prob a mix)

Anyway she is 9mths old now and still VERY much puppy and my 2 Norries think she’s the most annoying thing on the planet !! LOL but they tolerate her well enough and MUCH “fromping” goes on! (note – fromping = frequent romping)

I call them the Smores pack – since Snow is the puffy Marshmellow, Twix (the Black and Tan) is the Chocolate and Twizzler (the Red) is the Graham Cracker – perfect Smore!

) They look so durn cute on our new black leather sofa, I added the dark red soft throw rug in honor of Valentine’s day tomorrow ….. I had my FIRST date with my hubby on Valentine’s Day – *28* YEARS ago …. and I’m still madly in love with him 🙂  … even if he drive me NUTS at times!

My 3 Daughters
October 17, 2007, 10:53 pm
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Today is their Daddy’s birthday!

School Photos 🙂

Left to Right, Melanie (16) Madeline (11) and Mackenzie (10)

My 3 Daughters